Auto transport

Tips for Preparing Your Car for Transport

We feel that the process of auto transport is a very simple thing, but the reality is something else. It is not all about signing a check and letting the car moving company carry out the necessary process to load and transport your car to a new location. The car has to go through a lot before it is dispatched! This is where preparation plays an important role.

Preparation prior to the transport of the car is very important because it will save you from future expenses. You could end up losing a lot more money if your car suffers from any type of transit related damages. It will also save the time of transit because the car moving company won’t find any difficulty in handling your car.

Check out the following tips to ensure a smooth shipping of your car to a new location:

  • Budgeting for the shipment of your car is also a part of your preparation because the cost of shipping a vehicle depends on its size and shape and weight. So, try to find out the exact cost of getting your car shipped with a particular auto transport company.
  • Wash your car to clean both the interior as well as the exterior. This will reveal any type of damages that already exist on the car’s body.
  • Remove any personal belongings from the interior of the car. This is to avoid any type of damages that may be caused by the shifting of the material that is left inside the car.
  • It is very important to disable the alarm system in your car. This is to ensure that the alarm does not keep on ringing all the while it is being driven to its new location (now, the auto transporter will have to touch your car in order to load and unload it).
  • Ensure that your car’s tank is only full up to ¼ of its capacity. Extra fuel means extra load and for this you have to pay a higher amount. Heavy weight vehicles are also not very helpful in the smooth transportation.
  • Removed all types of customized accessories off your car because these pose as a great problem, while the car is being loaded or unloaded from the trailer.
  • In case of convertibles you nee to cover the roof in a proper way to prevent it from any type of damages like debris, moisture and wind. You can even use an extra tarp o cover the windscreen to provide protection.
  • You need to see whether there are any types of mechanical problems with your car or not. This is just to ensure smoother transit of the car, so that it can be dispatched in time to its said destination.
  • Also run a check on the tire pressure, fluids and battery charge to see that everything is in running condition.
  • The most important thing is that you stay connected with the driver of the trailer who will be carrying your vehicle. So do not forget to take his number

A professional car moving company can help you to move your car quickly and safely within the country or internationally. It is best to start looking for a reliable auto shipping service well before moving day. This will give you enough time to check the background and reputation of the service provider, and the auto moving company will also get sufficient time to schedule your move.

Obtain quotes in writing from a few reputable auto moving services. Look for a car shipping company with a good reputation instead of making arrangements with the lowest bidder. Find out if the car transportation company is licensed and insured. Ask for references and call them up to check the track record of the car carrier.

Inspect your car before it is shipped and take photos with dates if possible. This will make it easier for you to lodge a claim if your car is damaged while it is being moved.

A vehicle inspection report will be prepared when your car is picked up by the auto shipping company. This report will be signed by the driver of the truck and you. The vehicle inspection report will mention pre-existing damage or deterioration, like scratches and dents. Check the report to see if it is accurate before you sign.