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Auto moving companies

Top US Car Moving Companies:

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As you head to a new city within the United States, save the mileage and hassle by relying upon professional
car moving companies. Professional auto moving companies can help your vehicle arrive safely at its destination, whether you’re cruising for Seattle, Dallas, New York or any other US city. Protect your odometer, paint finish and exterior that can potentially be damaged in route by relying upon an open or covered moving transportation. There are dozens of well qualified car moving companies in the United States which have built a track record of success in the industry. We provide you with quotes from some of the very best, and highlight a few of the largest, most successful firms actively shipping cars in the country today.

Old Dominion Freight

A well respected carrier which holds a number of national certifications, Old Dominion has been shipping vehicles and other goods since 1934. The company has over 200 pickup and drop-off points around the country and currently employs nearly 20,000 tractors and trailers in the process. With major regional hubs in cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis and Memphis, the carriers ships to and from nearly any major US city, as well as select international destinations. Know for providing reliable freight and vehicle transport for individuals, businesses and automotive manufacturers, the company’s extensive fleet can transport cars, trucks and other motor vehicles with their proven logistics system.

J.B. Hunt Transportation

A publicly traded auto moving companies which has an extensive transportation business for industry, the company has been providing transportation services since 1961. Employing over 15,000 worldwide employees, the company is one of the largest trucking firms in the world and has over 10,000 trucks in its active fleet along with over 40,000
trailers. With its extensive network of drivers and regional hubs, the company can easily transport vehicles and other related shipments to and from nearly any drop point in the country.

ABF Freight Systems

With roots dating back to 1923, ABF Freight Systems has built a reputation for reliable transportation for regional and cross-country shipments. The company is based out of Arkansas and has over 10,000 employees across the country. With several regional hubs, the long-haul specialist serves a wide variety of consumers, businesses and manufacturers. Know for their focus on safety and quality, the company employs specialists to ensure compliance with Department of Transportation regulations and has been recognized for excellence in safety by the American Trucking Association.

By working with some of the leading vehicle transportation companies in the world, we can offer you a full set of free, no obligation quotes for your car transport process. Shipping a car to an entirely new destination is now easier and more affordable than ever: you can review multiple estimates from providers with proven track records to get value and quality from the process. We do the hard work of bringing you the best car moving quotes to save you money in the process, so you can focus on moving into the next stage of the moving process.

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