Car Moving FAQ

Should I book in advance for getting my car shipped? If yes, then how many days in advance should I do it?
Generally, most of the companies require an advance booking for car moving. It is important to get an advanced booking with a moving company in order to get the car transport done on time. There are also some moving companies that can arrange for a transport within 24 hours in case you require emergency auto shipping. Though the emergency services exist, but it is better to book in advance in order to avoid any last minute jitters.

Are there any strict methods of payment while paying the charges for car moving?
No, you can pay with your credit cards, cashier’s check or money orders. The mode of payment may vary from company to companies but most of the companies accept the above three.

Is it very tough to get a quote from moving companies?
No, it is not at all tough to get a quote from a moving company. You can either go to their office personally or can even get the quotes by logging on to their official sites. Most of the moving companies have an auto responder to tell you what exactly will be the charges.

Do I need to pay extra for my large sized Nissan SUV?
Well, SUV’s and large sized vehicles do take up a lot of transport space, so it is obvious that the companies will put an extra charge on these types of car moving. The cars that are larger in size or have an unconventional shape eat up a greater space. Hence moving companies charge for these types of vehicles and is known as the “oversize fee”.

What about the delivery and pick up point?
The moving companies have numerous pick up and delivery points across various states. So, the moving companies to pick up or deliver your car at these specific points. If you want, then they can even deliver your car to a convenient location of your choice. There is an extra charge for this facility.

Is my presence necessary at the time of delivery and pick up of my vehicle?
Yes, this is necessary because auto shipping companies perform an inspection of the car and also the owner of the vehicle needs to sign a contract bill of landing.

What special care do I need to take while preparing my car?
You need to see that a quarter of your car’s tank is filled. Ensure that all your personal belongings have been removed from the car and also you have repaired cracks and chips on its body.

Is there any particular guarantee on the date of pick up and delivery?
Most of the moving companies guarantee a pick up and delivery date. In case of any unfavorable or unseen circumstances the dates can get jeopardized. Moving companies inform their clients about any such changes in the schedule.

Which one to opt for: door to door service or terminal to terminal service?
This totally depends on your preferences. If you think that it will be convenient for you to pick up and drop your vehicle at a certain terminal, then you can opt for the terminal to terminal service. In case you want your car to be picked from and delivered to a particular location, then you can opt for the door to door service.


A professional car moving company can help you to move your car quickly and safely within the country or internationally. It is best to start looking for a reliable auto shipping service well before moving day. This will give you enough time to check the background and reputation of the service provider, and the auto moving company will also get sufficient time to schedule your move.

Obtain quotes in writing from a few reputable auto moving services. Look for a car shipping company with a good reputation instead of making arrangements with the lowest bidder. Find out if the car transportation company is licensed and insured. Ask for references and call them up to check the track record of the car carrier.

Inspect your car before it is shipped and take photos with dates if possible. This will make it easier for you to lodge a claim if your car is damaged while it is being moved.

A vehicle inspection report will be prepared when your car is picked up by the auto shipping company. This report will be signed by the driver of the truck and you. The vehicle inspection report will mention pre-existing damage or deterioration, like scratches and dents. Check the report to see if it is accurate before you sign.