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Compare Car Shipping Companies and Get Your Own Car Shipping Help

A whole complicated process is involved when you relocate your vehicle from one place to another. But the problem could be solved if you plan ahead and then take you steps towards transportation of your valuable car to the desired location. The very first decision should be how to pick up the right auto shipping companies.

When you compare car shipping companies, you will have plenty of reservation choice from where you can choose the one which is suitable for your vehicle. The reputation of a moving company and their charges can have variety of ranges. So it is necessary to conduct a little research with differentauto shipping guide and quotes. Through these tools you can lay a comparative study of the shipping companies available. Compare them and see who is giving you the cheapest services without compromising the safety and security of your car and vehicles.

Here are few steps which you can follow before you can compare car shipping companies for obtaining the best possible car shipping help.

  • Go through the phone book or any auto shipping guide and make a list of at least three to four shipping companies from which you can collect quotes. The quotes would be important to consider since it will provide you with the price estimates, the different services and will inform about the different tax and insurance structure provided by the company.
  • Make a call to each of the company and request them to send a price estimate in a written format. Here you can also make an appointment with the executive of the moving company so that you could sit with the person and can show him your car(s) and prepare an estimate thereof. While making the estimate, focus on every minute details of the car since the company will quote their price according to the shape, size and weight of the car. Listen to what moving tips they give you.
  • Repeat the same process with the other companies as well and prepare an estimate with respective executives also. This would help you to compare auto shipping companies more clearly.
  • You must have prepared certain questionnaires for the executives after going through certain auto shipping guide or from searching from the net, so when he comes and given you the estimate, ask him your queries regarding any of your doubts like additional charges, pick up and receive timings, open carriers or closed carriers etc.

The bottom-line is that compare shipping companies by taking into account the price estimates. The representatives of the shipping companies often have significant discretions to offer customers discounts, so try to persuade the person for the discretionary rates. However you won’t be able to get this sort of information in auto shipping guides.

Among other quick moving tips, one is to remember that after loading the car into the carrier, it is weighed and then the weight of the carrier itself is subtracted from the total weight to obtain the weight of the car. Thus, the charges would be based on this measured weight.

So when you follow these guidelines and none can restrict you to get the best auto shipping help to carry your car to the desired location.


A professional car moving company can help you to move your car quickly and safely within the country or internationally. It is best to start looking for a reliable auto shipping service well before moving day. This will give you enough time to check the background and reputation of the service provider, and the auto moving company will also get sufficient time to schedule your move.

Obtain quotes in writing from a few reputable auto moving services. Look for a car shipping company with a good reputation instead of making arrangements with the lowest bidder. Find out if the car transportation company is licensed and insured. Ask for references and call them up to check the track record of the car carrier.

Inspect your car before it is shipped and take photos with dates if possible. This will make it easier for you to lodge a claim if your car is damaged while it is being moved.

A vehicle inspection report will be prepared when your car is picked up by the auto shipping company. This report will be signed by the driver of the truck and you. The vehicle inspection report will mention pre-existing damage or deterioration, like scratches and dents. Check the report to see if it is accurate before you sign.